Friday, February 4, 2022

Become OPay Money Agent And Earn More Profit!

Today article will based on Opera Pay, also know OPay. Am going to teach you how to become Opay mobile money agent in Nigeria.

Nowadays, Opay is the best Mobile Money that pay their agents quickly. The more you used your OPay agents Account, is the more profile you earn per day. If you transfer money on Opay you are going to get 5% Bonus on it, plus the charges you charge your customer.

What Is Opay

Opay is a sort word of Opera Pay, the most popular mobile payment that developed by Opera Software Teams.

Opay made it easy for people to shop and pay for products with their mobile Opay app. Opay offer so many services like buying data, airtime, betting, electricity and paying for other utility services.

About Opay

OPay is an Online payment wallet, which launched by Opera Software Teams, those developers that developed the popular most popular browser "Opera mini". Which launched in the year 2017 in Nigeria.

Like I said earlier, Opay is number one mobile payment platform in Nigeria, that allows their users to pay for products and services online through OPay Mobile App.

How to download Opay App

Opay made it easy for everyone to download Opay app easily. Kindly login to your Gmail account, Then visit Google Play Store and search For Opay App.

To avoid download Opay App that can affect your mobile phone, install Opay App on play Store, to download original Opay APK file, that is free of virus.

How To Become Opay Mobile Money Agents

Thinking of being an Opay Mobile Money Agents, is a great ideas. Opay agents are taking control of people personal economy with OPay App.

By help people Sending money, withdraw cash, pay bills and even buy food for them.

The most the benefits of becoming an Opay agents listed below:

  • Send and Receive Money

  • Buy sending and receiving money from customer to your Opay wallet, you are going to be paid 5% commission on each transaction you do everyday. Apart the charges you collect from customer.

  • Pay for electricity

  • When you paid electricity bill for customer, you are going to get 5% commission on each bill you paid with your Opay wallet. Apart from charges you collect.

  • Selling Of Mobile Data And Airtime

  • Selling recharge card and mobile data for people through your Opay wallet, you going to get 5% commission on this also.

  • Deposit money to Betting Platform

  • If you deposit money to customer betting Platform Account, you are going to get 5% commission. Etc.

    Opay give their agents free POS machine to withdrawal money for their customers and they charges as low as 0.5% per transaction.

    How to earn extra money On Opay

    Opay introduce new service on the beginning of this year (2020). Which they called it Owealth Savings, the Owealth Savings is a New Services from Opay, which allows both Customers and agents to Investment on opay platform and get 10% of their Invest annual. This is an opportunity for Opay agents to move there Money to Owealth Savings. And earn extra money annually.

    Hope you find this article helpful?? Let us know if you have any questions regarding this article, kindly drop your comment at the comment box below. And we will get back to you shortly. Thanks.


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