Thursday, February 3, 2022

Publish Content On Blogspot Blog With Opera Mini

Today am going to teach you how to publish a post on blogspot blog with Opera Mini browsers, both Android and Symbian/Java Phone that has Opera mini browser.

 There are many bloggers, that really want this tutorial, due to the fact that a few bloggers don't have android smartphone and they wish to blog.

Or you have created your blog before your phone spoiled and  you want updating your blog regular? 

Don't worry, todays am going to teach you how i used to submit a content to my blogspot blog  using nokia java phone when am now not with my Android phone.

Yes am publishing contents on my blogspot blog using Opera mini browser on Nokia 200, And it works fine. Some mouth ago, I lost my Android phone and I don't have PC also, that is why am using this trick to update my blog regularly.

We all know that platform doesn't currently support publishing contents or get access to blogspot blog dashboard. from Opera mini browsers using 

You'll notice that whenever you try to visit on Java phones it keeps giving error. If you have not got a solution to this, you don't have to be stressing yourself again. Today am going to teach you how to publish contents on Opera Mini browser in this article.

Simple Way To Publish Articles On Blogspot Blog Using Opea Mini

Visit And started writing your article and get your contents published Successfully without any error.
Note: Your contents might not publish well like you want, because you can't add image to your blog post using this trick. But don't worry am going to teach you how to add image to your blog post using this trick.

Using, you are not allow uploading images or inserting Links directly on your blog post. These are the two aspects am going to teach you also in this article I know you are facing challenges while trying to add images or links, when using What you are going to do now is to follow the Simple procedures am going to teach you;

1. Login to your Gmail account

Visit and login your Google account. Then if successful, open new page.

2. Login to

Open and login to and start writing your blog contents.

3. Insert Link to your Blog Post

Insert a link to your blog post using this code below. <a href="">Guidesng

Note: That, you have to remove * and change the link I used to link you would like to link to. It might be a link to a post in your blog, And the anchor text I used " Media'' and Change it to yours.

4. Inserting Images to your Blog Post

Note: You can't add image to your blog post using your mobile uploader, it can't upload. If you are using this trick.

To add image to your blog post Using this trick.

  • Upload your image on filehosts or any Free uploader online
  • Now copy the image from the uploader site. For example, image link >> http://media.jpg
  • Now use this HTML image tag to display the image <img src=" http://media.jpg">

  • Now replace "media.jpg" in the above code with your picture link.  (The hyperlink of the image you copied from uploader web site) and you are done. 

    5. Publish the contents on your blog

    After follow all the steps you read in this article, Now Click "publish post" that's all. I hope you are all understand this tutorial well? If you Don't, please feel free to drop your comment, and am going to teach you better. Having difficulties with any of the above steps? Let me know.


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