Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Opay Owealth: The Definitive Guide

Today am going to teach you guys what required to invest on Owealth and earn big every 12 month.

Table Contents

  • What's Owealth
  • Owealth Savings Legit Or Scam
  • How to invest On Owealth
  • How To Deposit money on Owealth Savings Step by step
  • How can I see my Investment on Owealth Account
  • Conclusion

What’s OWealth?

OWealth is an investment platform for Nigerians and some countries. Owned by Opera Software company. Partners with Opay. On Owealth, if you start investing as low as 500 Naira. You are going to earn 10% per 12, month which is one year.

Owealth Savings Legit Or Scam

Owealth is 100% legit platform in Nigeria for business man, civil savants and students. Kindly try Owealth saving by Begin with just N500 which is the least amount on Owealth investment, that doesn’t means you can’t add more money to your Owealth investment platform.

Why I said that, is that, you might think Owealth investment is a Scam. Try them with just N500. By invest N500 on Owealth that means 10% begins to count the day you invest the money on your OWealth investment account.

Fortunately, your 10% of your investment will be credited into your Opay account daily as counting, this make it possible for you to transfer your money into your OPay account and cash out any time, you wish to cash it.

How to invest On Owealth

To start investing on OWealth Savings, you I have to first download verify OPay App from Google PlayStore or iOS.

Note: Opay App is available on playstore or iOS, avoid download Opay App that can affect your phone or system.

Then, Set up your Opay Account and deposit the money you want to invest on Owealth investment platform.

Once your money successful deposited, now begin to invest on Owealth investment platform.

How To Deposit money on Owealth Savings Step by step

1. Login in to your OPay account, with your Opay Account number and password. Your Account Number is your mobile number. Note that.

2. Now Fund your OPay Account wallet, by tap on "Account" once you see your balance get back to home page.

3. You are going to see OWealth Icon, click it and check the radio box to agree to the opay terms and conditions after you read it.

4. Now Tap on invest. If you have deposited to your Opay Account wallet, your OPay balance will be displayed instantly.

5. So enter the amount you wished to invest Owealth saving account, once you tap on "invest", instantly Your interest will be calculated in real-time as you enter the amount you wished to invest.

E.g You are going get 246.57 Naira per day, 1,730.76 Naira Per week, 7500 Naira per month while 90000 Naira per year if you started with amount of 1, 000, 000 Naira.

You see that this a great opportunity for business man/woman and students.

6. Now click NEXT and CONFIRM the payment. Once your Owealth saving account created, you are going to receive a debit alert then click done.

How can I see my Investment on Owealth Account

Every day every time, you are going to be seeing your investment as it continues to grow per day. To see your investment, on Owealth saving platform. You just need to click on the "eyes" icon at the top left corner of home page to display your investment balance. That’s all.


This article has teach you how to invest in OWealth Savings and earn interest daily, this depending on how long you want to grow it how much you want to invest. Like I said earlier, this platform is the best investment

If you have any question to ask me regarding this article, don’t hesitate to drop your comment through comment section.


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