Friday, December 3, 2021

Working Wapkiz Shoutbox codes for Wapkiz for Forum sites 2022 code

Hey guys. Are you looking for Wapkiz Shoutbox codes?? For you one of Wapkiz Forum site on platform??

No more stresse, here is Working Wapkiz Shoutbox Codes. For Wapkiz Forum site. And the Wapkiz Shoutbox codes That am going to drop for you in this article, is 80% Kizhelp and WapKings Forum style. Which works perfectly.

What you need right now is to follow all my steps am going to teach you in this article. to make the Wapkiz Shoutbox codes work perfectly.

1. Login to platform Account then Select your Wapkiz Forum site. to paste the Wapkiz Shoutbox Codes.

2. Now click "panel" and select "Page" new page will open with input box now type "Shout" there.

3. Now look at the page you named "Shout" in your Wapkiz pagelist.

4. Now click "Html/tag code" and paste this Wapkiz Shoutbox code to get.


4. Now close the page and open header page, or where you want place your Wapkiz Shoutbox code.

5. Now Click Panel and select "Html/tag code" then paste these Wapkiz Shoutbox codes.

Shout Box


Congratulation! You have successfully create Wapkiz Shoutbox on your Wapkiz forum site I hope this Wapkiz Shoutbox codes works for you perfectly??

Make sure you remove all * in the code and Please drop your comment if this Wapkiz Shoutbox codes not work for. Or you need any other Wapkiz codes kindly drop your comment and am going to get back to your request
shortly. Thanks


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