Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Generate electricity using Copper wire and plug

 Hello guys, today am going to teach you guys how you can generate electricity using Copper wire and plug only.

You think how possible is this? Yes you can generate electricity using Copper wire and plug, don't be confuse am going to write an understandable tutorial for you so that you can also practice it and get it works.

 The world is advancing and many peoples are use of unfastened power everywhere in the world. there are such a lot of methods to generate loose electricity from many things but only some people recognise approximately it.

 Today am going to share with you. the way you can generate unfastened energy that may be able to strength 220V home equipment in your home.

Materials Required To Generate The Electricity


  • Soft board made with wood
  • Copper wire 
  • Lamp holder 
  • Two motor plugs 
  • And A Big magnet

  • How to build the free energy using this requirement


    1. Soft board made with wood.

    This soft board that made with wood will be the servers to house for the free energy.

    So Place the board on the flat surface, then use supper glue to hold the plugs on the board.

     Note that, the plugs must be pointed to the same directions.

    2. Copper Wire

    Now Coil the copper wire besides you, around an object to make the Copper Wire look like this shape. You See the image below.

    3. Two plugs

    After you coiled the copper wire, use soldering iron to attach it to the plug below. If you don't have soldering iron, go to GSM hardware engineers to borrow the iron.

    You can also buy. Just make sure you sold the copper wire to the two plugs like this image below.

    4. Lamp Holder

    Now Connect the other terminal of the two plugs to the lamp holder, and put a glob like I do mine in this image below.

     After you follow this steps and do everything, your practical will look like this image below.

    6. A big magnet

    Now the final steps. This final steps is the most important part of the tutorial. All the works has done now but, This can't work without the magnet.

     So Look for a big round (Circle) magnet, you can find this at radionics shop, request for it they will give you. You can also buy it from they if they don't have you free. Because when am doing mine, I buy they don't give me free.

     After got the magnet, place it on the metal surface of the two plugs. Because magnet must touch the two plugs at the same time.

    As the magnet is magneted on the metal surface, you have done!

    You are now get your free electricity. If you want to generate higher energy, you just need to get bigger plugs and bigger magnet that's all.

      Note: this trick can also enable you to charge your phone and other appliances with 220V and This energy can run for good two years without stop. It can only stop when the plug dies. Just get a new plugs and replace it with them.

    Importance of this trick

    1. It can works for good two years.
    2. It makes no noise if connected.
    3. No smokes or effect.
    4. It's 100% free, cheap and efficient.
    5. It's easy to construct.
    6. Everyone can build it.

     I hope this article is helpful and you get your own energy works? If you don't understand yet, kindly drop your comment through the comment section below. And am going to explain more better.

     It's your time to share this important technology article to your families and friends.

    If you have any questions regarding this article, please do ask on the comment section like I said earlier. Thanks.


    1. can i use it to charge an android phone?

      1. No, We are going to share a tutorial about that soon

    2. The wires connected to lampholder, where exactly they were connected on the plugs, the led or the iorn ontop?

      1. Check the screenshot I added to the article. the lamp holder wires will connect to the both Plugs bottom. like image below

    3. Thanks for sharing, but can we use bike Plugs to it??

      1. Of course you can. but note, the plugs might not capable. but you can try it.

    4. Wow! Nice article thanks for sharing