Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Make Android phone charge faster

Good day guys, today tutorial will base on how to make your Android phone charge faster. In this article, am going to share some useful tips with you. This tips can make your Android device charge faster. No matter how.

These are great tips that can surely make your Android phone charge faster, and last longer.

1. Don't let your phone dies before you charge it.

Many of Android users, are waits till their phones completely dead before they charge it. Some engineers say that, people should wait till there phones completely dead before they charg, which is completely wrong.

When your smartphone's battery dies, these will automatically reduces your battery capacity, and if you are doing these continuously, it would reduce your smartphone's battery life.

2. Don't charge phone till it's 100%.

This make me look like a control freak (Lolz). but it's absolutely truth. By charging your phone to 100%, can also reduces your smartphone's efficiency.

Although we all have smartphones with smart and good charging, that is phone that stops charging automatically when full, but we can't deny the fact that at least little current isn't entering the phone.

Some do charge overnight, it's actually both wrong and very dangerous for your phone. because when phones get very hot due to over charging, it might explode It's adviced to charge your phone to 90%-95%. To Avoid all these.

3. Don't press charge your phone

This is very common nowadays. Most people use their phones while charging it. This is very wrong and risk in many ways;
  • It can explode.
  • This will make the charging slow
  • These will stresses the phone battery.
  • These can causes phone overheating
  • Etc

In short, these is very wrong. Please stop it if you want to enjoy your phone battery.

4. Using fake chargers.

Some people are buying a fake chargers because they are very cheaper. Get an original charger for your phone, quality always matters.

Fake chargers can spoils your phone's battery, and most of this charges always overheat and stops working suddenly, then you would have to go buy another one.

So instead of buying fake chargers every times, try to buy an original your phone charger that is better still, to avoid spoil the follow come chargers.

5. Clean your phone charger mouth

Some people are putting their charger in unclean place, from there some small papers, sounds and co will hang in the mouth. This can also make the phone slow while charging.

6. Using small generator to charge

Yes, using small electricity generator to charge your phone can effect your battery life and charge slowly.

Do you have any questions? Let me know what you think in the comments below if this tips helpful.


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