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Things to do when buying a new smartphone.

Hey guys, good day. Today we are going to talk about things you need to do, After buying a new smartphone.

When you get a new smartphone, there are some things you must do to urge it up to hurry. This is often a Full-on, Pro-level tutorial to what you want to do with a replacement smartphone.

You will want to transfer all your old phone apps and data to the new one you bought, But you ought to also confirm it’s worth keeping and make it as secure as possible.

We all expect things to be good right out of the box, but when was the last time we checked? when it's still under warranty and you still have time to require it back.

What will I check after buy a new phone?

  • Firstly Look at all the seams where the glass meets the case.

  • Check all the ports to know if they are fitting properly.

  • Now take out the SIM card tray and microSD card tray if it's one.

  • Now check Out Everything For Cracks.

    All the plugs should fit properly in their ports. On Android phones, there should be no flexibility . If the phone cord plug don't stay in the port of the phone you bought, that's means something’s wrong. If it’s not up to your standards, take it back immediately.

    Charge It For Five Hours

    When the smartphone passes your visual inspection, just start charging it. turned it off and let it charge for five hours.

    There are couples of theorie on the simplest thanks to charge a new phone, except for primary times, you willl want to form sure it's a full charge before starting the phone found out . it won’t die halfway through installing an app, transferring data.

    Essential New Phone Set-Up

    Each smartphone has its own setup procedure, including security, so undergo that one. If there are OS updates for the phone, apply those too.

    The OS updates provide better security and functionality, so it’s a great idea to always apply it.

    Some andriod phones will initiate the transfer of knowledge from your old phone to the new phone. it's going to be an honest idea to place it off. We still don’t 100% know that the phone is great.

    Cellular Connection

    This is also an important steps, If your new phone don't make a connection to the cell network, then the remainder doesn’t matter.

    Fortunately, You can check this by occupation and out of places that your old phone would drop calls. If it drops calls before the old phone, it'd not be so cool.

    Screen Function

    Does the whole screen register touches properly?

    Is the screen touch calibrated in order that once we tap in one spot, that’s exactly where the faucet registers?

    If not, quickly return the phone to complain.

    Port Function

    Take out the phone headphones and plug it in and check out them. Does it work? Is there any static or crackling?

    Also take out charging cable and head. Does the phone immediately start to charge when you plug it?

    Camera Test

    Snap some pictures with all the cameras on the new phone and altogether the modes possible, whatever modes it's do the photographs begin as they should do?

    Check Wireless Connections

    Make sure the phone hook up with WiFi and Bluetooth devices. It should stay connected to WiFi anywhere in your home that your other devices can connect from.

    Check GPS

    Set the new phone to seek out your location using the phone GPS signal. Then check on the phone’s map to ascertain if it accurately locates where you're.

    Check Phone’s Sensors

    Alll smartphones have several sensors built-in. These may include a proximity, gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer and lightweight sensors.

    The magnetometer ties in closely with the GPS. consider it as a compass. So open the phone’s compass app and see if it finds north and changes directions.

    Some phones have barometers built-in. The barometer detects air pressure . It are often wont to determine how far above water level we are or if there are incoming weather changes.

    Not all phones have these If yours does, there'll be an app which will access it and show you if it’s working.

    Most phones now have a fingerprint reader, used for extra security. found out the safety to need a fingerprint and test it.

    If you can’t get into your phone easily using the fingerprint sensor, it's going to be faulty.

    Phone Security

    Smartphone is an electronic extension of our lives, we'd like to stay the smartphone secure and safe.

    The very fact that we have everything from our family photos to government ID to bank and credit cards stored on our smartphones, makes them a prized secure target for thieves.

    So secure your smatphone. Choose the best security thereon that you simply can. for many smrtphones, meaning fixing the fingerprint lock. It’s high security and high convenience so why not do it?

    Also set up the power to remotely wipe your smartphone. If your phone is lost or stolen, you'll remotely wipe it from any computer, before they go and wipe it you will quickly track it.

    Encrypt Your Phone

    By encrypting all the information on your smartphone, and someone steals your new phone and copies all the information from it somehow, the information will still be useless to them.

    It’s possible they might decrypt it with enough time and resources, but it’s far easier for them to only steal another ten smartphones that are not encrypted.

    Criminals are generally opportunistic. Once something becomes difficult, it’s not worth their time.

    Secure the new phone physically. Get an honest case for it which will protect it from bumps and falls.

    It won’t be bombproof, but it'll help the phone last until it’s time for subsequent upgrade then you buy new.


    The phone is fully tested now and guarded , you recognize it'll work well for you for an extended time. Of course, doing this stuff is not as fun as just firing up the smartphone and playing games or posting pictures on social media, but it makes sure you'll do this whenever you would like down the road.

    That's all. If you have any questions please feel free to drop your comment through our comment section below. Thanks.


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