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Become Opay Agent in Nigeria and get free POS

Opay is a payment platform evolved through opera software program. the platform allows users to shop and pay for products and services via their cell or web browser. Opay is currently to be had as an android software and allows speedy, clean, and comfy payments and cash transfers in nigeria today.

Becoming opay mobile money agent is one of the only approaches to make cash in nigeria. and the splendor of it all is that you can get surely get opay factor of purchase Opay POS system withing a quick a period of time. it doesn’t require big necessities trust me.

From my research, naija news point believes that opay was in particular designed to empower and raise young entrepreneurship and create wealth in nigeria’s mobile money inclusiveness.

What do you know about Opay?

Opay is one of the main online mobile transaction structures in nigeria nowadays. nigeria is the 3rd africa that using Opay, after kenya and south africa where Opay cellular pockets has commenced complete operation. but, the fee platform has grown beyond imagination within the united states of america.

The Opay wallet permits customers to save and pay for services and products through their mobile android phones app.

Opay app supports card bills with credit card, visa, and transfers from banking apps.

Responsibilities you can efficaciously carry out at the multi-reason Opay app encompass:

1. Capability to buy mobile facts

2. Capacity to pay for software(electricity) bill

4. Capacity to order oride anywhere in Nigeria.

5. Capacity to region your making a bet on popular bet platform.

6. Easy and convenient way to pay for a subscription like DStv, StarTimes, GOtv. Etc.

When you download Opay agents app, you get access to Opay wallet wherein your money is saved from there you can make fee for offerings or transfer money.

A reliable source informed naija information factor that, Opay makes numerous billions of naira each years because it started out operation.

What do you know about the Owner of Opay?

Opay is owned by Opera software who's also the mind at the back of opera mini, a browser. also the agency is the proprietor of opera news app.

Behind opay is opera software. opay nigeria has made a huge widespread effect inside the lives of small business owners.

How to become Opay agent in nigeria

Opay Agents Requirements

Opay will contact you, please put together the following files: before you apply.

1. Your bank verification number (BVN)

A software or other invoice dated no later than three months prior to registration as evidence of your cope with reproduction of your national identity card, motive force’s license or worldwide passport.

2. One passport photograph

Yes you must have a clear photograph of yours to be unable to create your Opay agents account. If you don't have one, quickly go and get one before you apply for Opay agents form.

Opay agents sign up page

In this article am going to tell you how to sign up for Opay agents in nigeria. So many people that are interested in becoming Opay agents always contact me on how they could reap the opay agent registration shape, the coolest information is that you don’t want any traditional shape to become opay agent and get unfastened Opay Agents POS in nigeria.

All the Opay agents registration is achieved online, which am going to expose you in this article.

Now comply with the grade by grade guides beneath to become Opay money agents in your community.

Steps to sign up for Opay agent

Step 1: Visit website directly to the reputable internet site of opay at operapay.com.

Step 2: Through the top proper-hand (right) facet, faucet at the “become agent” button.

Step 3: Join up at the page with the aid of filling the Opay agents form: your name, electronic mail deal with, smartphone number, your city and conform to the terms.

Step 4: Whilst you click the sign on you may see a message that opay will contact you.

Opay POS for agents

Get right of entry to unfastened Opay Agents POS depending at the quantity of transactions you’ve made at the Opay agents app.

Opay agents commission

By signed up for Opay agent and started working with them. These are your commission from Opay.

Airtime commission: 3% of the airtime is yours. Which means 8f you sell N1000 airtime, you get N30 as your commission.

Pay bills commission: 5% commission for each bills you do daily. For instance; you paid customer bill of of N1000, your commission is N50 per transaction.

Betting commission: You will also get 5% commission, if you help customer to deposit their betting wallet.

Opay POS commission: Opay POS commission depends on your mouthly transaction, the more you do the more commission you get. Also when using Opay POS machine, your are going to charge for #56. And #10 for transfer fee. Even first three transaction is free.

Opay bike hailing agency

Lest i forget, the organisation also has bike hailing agency, which means you can fill the opay oride registration form to get a name and get your a bike as a rider in case you don’t have your personal motorbike. you may begin to add money for your opay wallet.


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