Saturday, December 4, 2021

Save social media video using Xender

Social media is one of the most powerful platform for meeting people around the globe. Which refers to the means of interactions amongst people in which they meet, create, share video, exchanges information and ideas. 

The most used platform are: Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and youtube. Have you ever wondering how to save videos from these social media? today am going to teach you how I used to download any social media videos using Xender app.

You might see an interesting video on social media and wish to download it and watch it again and again. rather than begging poster of the video to send you the video, simply use Xender app in your smartphone and do it yourself.

Note: Not all android mobile phones supports this method, but 75% support. From Android version 6.0 upwards. 

So, let's observe this technique. possibly it works in your smartphone.

1. Open Xender app on your Smartphone. 

2. Now click on " social" at the down proper side of the screen. 

3. Tap on "Open Facebook" you will be redirect to Facebook app.

4. Log in, if you have not login on the Facebook app.

5. Now copy the Facebook video link you wish to download to your Smartphone.

6. Then open Xender and click "paste" and also "download " icon.

You are done for Facebook. You are going to see the Download progress on your phone notifications. 

The Facebook video will mechanically download into your phone storage.

Comply with the equal technique if you want to download from Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and WhatsApp.

In case you want to be downloading any whatsapp fame uploaded by means of your buddies, no want begging them to ship you snap shots or video or having a saparate downloader when you have already got Xender to your phone.

Pick out the fame and connect your whatsapp with Xender so that every time you open the app it will be equipped to be used.

And under is what it looks as if whilst linked. simply click on the download icon and it starts downloading.


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