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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Make Android phone charge faster

Good day guys, today tutorial will base on how to make your Android phone charge faster. In this article, am going to share some useful tips with you. This tips can make your Android device charge faster. No matter how.

These are great tips that can surely make your Android phone charge faster, and last longer.

1. Don't let your phone dies before you charge it.

Many of Android users, are waits till their phones completely dead before they charge it. Some engineers say that, people should wait till there phones completely dead before they charg, which is completely wrong.

When your smartphone's battery dies, these will automatically reduces your battery capacity, and if you are doing these continuously, it would reduce your smartphone's battery life.

2. Don't charge phone till it's 100%.

This make me look like a control freak (Lolz). but it's absolutely truth. By charging your phone to 100%, can also reduces your smartphone's efficiency.

Although we all have smartphones with smart and good charging, that is phone that stops charging automatically when full, but we can't deny the fact that at least little current isn't entering the phone.

Some do charge overnight, it's actually both wrong and very dangerous for your phone. because when phones get very hot due to over charging, it might explode It's adviced to charge your phone to 90%-95%. To Avoid all these.

3. Don't press charge your phone

This is very common nowadays. Most people use their phones while charging it. This is very wrong and risk in many ways;
  • It can explode.
  • This will make the charging slow
  • These will stresses the phone battery.
  • These can causes phone overheating
  • Etc

In short, these is very wrong. Please stop it if you want to enjoy your phone battery.

4. Using fake chargers.

Some people are buying a fake chargers because they are very cheaper. Get an original charger for your phone, quality always matters.

Fake chargers can spoils your phone's battery, and most of this charges always overheat and stops working suddenly, then you would have to go buy another one.

So instead of buying fake chargers every times, try to buy an original your phone charger that is better still, to avoid spoil the follow come chargers.

5. Clean your phone charger mouth

Some people are putting their charger in unclean place, from there some small papers, sounds and co will hang in the mouth. This can also make the phone slow while charging.

6. Using small generator to charge

Yes, using small electricity generator to charge your phone can effect your battery life and charge slowly.

Do you have any questions? Let me know what you think in the comments below if this tips helpful.
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Monday, February 28, 2022

Ways To Make Android phone Battery last long.

There are a variety of of factors that make a contribution to negative battery existence for your android phone. thinner our bodies, brighter monitors, faster processors, greater history software, and quicker internet connections all take their toll on phone batteries, that is why battery cases and transportable batteries have grown in popularity.

With android 6.0 marshmallow, google brought the doze function, which puts the phone to sleep when it is sitting on a desk besides for urgent notifications (like text messages) and coffee syncs. this battery optimization is supposed to present your phone an automated boost, however there are some other things you can do to improve your battery life.

As this is android devices, options for the way to enable those services will vary by way of handset, however a short search in settings ought to bring them up.

Turn on strength saving mode

Suppose you'll be stuck in a scenario where you need your phone battery to final longer than it commonly does? switch your phone into strength saver mode, which robotically cuts again on features that may consume battery existence.

Samsung galaxy s10 ($710.64 at amazon) , as an example, there are alternatives. the primary limits the show brightness, cpu speed, and community utilization.

The second one strips your smartphone all the way down to just the vital apps and services.

Samsung phones additionally provide tool renovation, which weeds out crashed apps, awful pieces of records, and different impurities which can take in reminiscence for your phone and suck up energy.

Wireless is your buddy.

Network information is strenuous to your battery, so use wireless whenever feasible.

You may prevent your phone from using cell facts by using turning off cell information offerings from the quick settings panel for your phone.

Turn off smartphone connectivity offerings

Functions like bluetooth, nfc, samsung's phone visibility, and area offerings are helpful

But drain your battery aws your phone pings to connect and update. if you're seeking to maintain juice, turn them off till you really need them.

You furthermore may not need your voice assistant software always. if you have google assistant up and going for walks, go into the assistant settings and deactivate it, with the intention to prevent google assistant from actively listening and using up battery lifestyles.

If you have a samsung device, you can additionally flip off the bixby voice assistant function that incorporates the business enterprise's android phones.

Control screen use

Smartphone monitors appearance exceptional in recent times, however unsurprisingly, crisp resolution and bountiful pixels are battery hogs. you likely don't need your device grew to become up to the best putting. move into your show settings and flip down the brightness at the display screen; your eyes and battery will thank you.

You must also recall disabling car brightness, which adjusts primarily based for your perceived wishes but can also improve the brightness of your display better than it needs to be.

You could additionally alternate how long your screen remains energetic. underneath the display settings in your cellphone, set it to fade to black after a few seconds. and head into the notifications settings to disable notifications from precise apps, so your cellphone does not mild up each time a brand new alert is available in.

Reconsider wallpaper and widgets

live away from moving wallpaper, as it takes strength in your display to animate it. it's also a good idea to limit yourself to a background with fewer shades in it, for the reason that show will devour up extra electricity if it wishes to render a lot of different colours.

At the same time as widgets are tempting and convenient, they're basically an energetic software usable right from your own home screen, so the phone uses strength keeping the feature going for walks. simply say no to those little men if battery life is a problem.

If you any questions please feel free to drop your comment through the comment section below. Thanks.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Things to do when buying a new smartphone.

Hey guys, good day. Today we are going to talk about things you need to do, After buying a new smartphone.

When you get a new smartphone, there are some things you must do to urge it up to hurry. This is often a Full-on, Pro-level tutorial to what you want to do with a replacement smartphone.

You will want to transfer all your old phone apps and data to the new one you bought, But you ought to also confirm it’s worth keeping and make it as secure as possible.

We all expect things to be good right out of the box, but when was the last time we checked? when it's still under warranty and you still have time to require it back.

What will I check after buy a new phone?

  • Firstly Look at all the seams where the glass meets the case.

  • Check all the ports to know if they are fitting properly.

  • Now take out the SIM card tray and microSD card tray if it's one.

  • Now check Out Everything For Cracks.

    All the plugs should fit properly in their ports. On Android phones, there should be no flexibility . If the phone cord plug don't stay in the port of the phone you bought, that's means something’s wrong. If it’s not up to your standards, take it back immediately.

    Charge It For Five Hours

    When the smartphone passes your visual inspection, just start charging it. turned it off and let it charge for five hours.

    There are couples of theorie on the simplest thanks to charge a new phone, except for primary times, you willl want to form sure it's a full charge before starting the phone found out . it won’t die halfway through installing an app, transferring data.

    Essential New Phone Set-Up

    Each smartphone has its own setup procedure, including security, so undergo that one. If there are OS updates for the phone, apply those too.

    The OS updates provide better security and functionality, so it’s a great idea to always apply it.

    Some andriod phones will initiate the transfer of knowledge from your old phone to the new phone. it's going to be an honest idea to place it off. We still don’t 100% know that the phone is great.

    Cellular Connection

    This is also an important steps, If your new phone don't make a connection to the cell network, then the remainder doesn’t matter.

    Fortunately, You can check this by occupation and out of places that your old phone would drop calls. If it drops calls before the old phone, it'd not be so cool.

    Screen Function

    Does the whole screen register touches properly?

    Is the screen touch calibrated in order that once we tap in one spot, that’s exactly where the faucet registers?

    If not, quickly return the phone to complain.

    Port Function

    Take out the phone headphones and plug it in and check out them. Does it work? Is there any static or crackling?

    Also take out charging cable and head. Does the phone immediately start to charge when you plug it?

    Camera Test

    Snap some pictures with all the cameras on the new phone and altogether the modes possible, whatever modes it's do the photographs begin as they should do?

    Check Wireless Connections

    Make sure the phone hook up with WiFi and Bluetooth devices. It should stay connected to WiFi anywhere in your home that your other devices can connect from.

    Check GPS

    Set the new phone to seek out your location using the phone GPS signal. Then check on the phone’s map to ascertain if it accurately locates where you're.

    Check Phone’s Sensors

    Alll smartphones have several sensors built-in. These may include a proximity, gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometer and lightweight sensors.

    The magnetometer ties in closely with the GPS. consider it as a compass. So open the phone’s compass app and see if it finds north and changes directions.

    Some phones have barometers built-in. The barometer detects air pressure . It are often wont to determine how far above water level we are or if there are incoming weather changes.

    Not all phones have these If yours does, there'll be an app which will access it and show you if it’s working.

    Most phones now have a fingerprint reader, used for extra security. found out the safety to need a fingerprint and test it.

    If you can’t get into your phone easily using the fingerprint sensor, it's going to be faulty.

    Phone Security

    Smartphone is an electronic extension of our lives, we'd like to stay the smartphone secure and safe.

    The very fact that we have everything from our family photos to government ID to bank and credit cards stored on our smartphones, makes them a prized secure target for thieves.

    So secure your smatphone. Choose the best security thereon that you simply can. for many smrtphones, meaning fixing the fingerprint lock. It’s high security and high convenience so why not do it?

    Also set up the power to remotely wipe your smartphone. If your phone is lost or stolen, you'll remotely wipe it from any computer, before they go and wipe it you will quickly track it.

    Encrypt Your Phone

    By encrypting all the information on your smartphone, and someone steals your new phone and copies all the information from it somehow, the information will still be useless to them.

    It’s possible they might decrypt it with enough time and resources, but it’s far easier for them to only steal another ten smartphones that are not encrypted.

    Criminals are generally opportunistic. Once something becomes difficult, it’s not worth their time.

    Secure the new phone physically. Get an honest case for it which will protect it from bumps and falls.

    It won’t be bombproof, but it'll help the phone last until it’s time for subsequent upgrade then you buy new.


    The phone is fully tested now and guarded , you recognize it'll work well for you for an extended time. Of course, doing this stuff is not as fun as just firing up the smartphone and playing games or posting pictures on social media, but it makes sure you'll do this whenever you would like down the road.

    That's all. If you have any questions please feel free to drop your comment through our comment section below. Thanks.
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    Tuesday, January 18, 2022

    Best Seven 2020 smart phone tips

    Earlier than we start discussing some smartphone tricks on android devices, it we need to understand that android has a wide type of makes, fashions, and variations, which makes it greater tough to find features a good way to be constant across all devices.

    We best verified the following suggestions on inventory android 7.0 nougat—they must also work on related structures, but some of the menus and tactics may vary slightly.

    1. Run apps facet-through-facet

    One of the new functions introduced in android 7.0 nougat is the choice to run apps side-with the aid of-aspect or one above the opposite. this view comes in handy while you need to show pictures, optimize your social networking, or multitask, even though it's a piece too laggy for gaming.

    To set it up, faucet the overview button (the square icon beneath the display screen to the left), and select which of your currently used apps you need to peer. hold and drag it to the top or left of the show, then choose some other open app to appear along or underneath it.

    And on the grounds that we’re already talking about the evaluate button, right here’s a seasoned tip: double-tap instead of unmarried-tap it to speedy switch between the 2 apps you’ve been the use of most lately.

    2. Make textual content and pix extra visible

    In case you're suffering to look what's on the screen—or, as a substitute, in case you want to cram as a great deal content as feasible onto the display and do not mind doing a bit of squinting alongside the manner—you may zoom in or out on text and objects.

    Now not all of the apps will respond to these modifications, however maximum of them will.

    To change length settings, open settings app and go to the show heading. from the display menu, faucet the font length link to alternate the default font size. select the show size hyperlink to make on-display gadgets larger or smaller.

    3. Solid your android screen

    For a number of years, you’ve been able to broadcast your android smartphone or tablet’s display to the bigger display screen of a tv using a chromecast. further to beaming video from all the standard film and tv apps, this streaming tool can reflect your smartphone.

    Take benefit of a mirroring shortcut inside the short settings pane, which you access with the aid of dragging down from the pinnacle of the display with arms. you must find a solid choice on this menu.

    If it doesn’t show up, there’s another way to installation mirroring. first, check to make certain you’ve set up the google home app for android. you probably already used this program to installation your chromecast. open the app, faucet solid display/audio from its menu, after which pick your chromecast. your device’s display should appear at the large display screen.

    4. Change volume settings independently.

    Your device performs several exclusive varieties of audio—including ring tones, notifications, alarms, phone calls, and media. if you’ve ever long gone to the settings menu, opened sounds, and tapped volume, you’ll have visible that you can use character sliders to modify these audio kinds for my part.

    However, android offers you a quick-and-easy shortcut. tap the bodily extent buttons on the aspect of your tool to make anything’s currently gambling softer or louder (if no media is playing, this motion will regulate your ringtone quantity). when you do, a small container will pop up at the display, displaying which quantity putting is changing and how.

    At the facet of that field, you ought to see a small arrow. faucet it, and the container will expand to expose more than one quantity sliders at once. this could prevent a ride to settings.

    5. Disable the lock screen at domestic.

    To hold your tool secure, you want to installation a pin code or a fingerprint test to liberate your phone. but this makes it more inconvenient to get right of entry to your apps. google’s clever lock function lets you cast off this obstacle, supplying you with on the spot get admission to in your telephone—however most effective when you’re effectively at domestic.

    From settings, tap protection (or safety and privateness), and turn on smart lock. in addition to disabling the lock display while you’re at home (that’s the depended on locations choice), you could additionally disable the display screen whilst your cellphone’s bluetooth is hooked up to a relied on device, which include your automobile stereo unit, or whilst it recognizes a depended on voice, including yours.

    6. Convey returned lost notifications.

    It happens—you by chance swiped away one of the notifications that you desired to study completely and now you've got a nagging sense a person emailed you, but are not positive. in case you want to review all your latest notifications on android, you’re in good fortune.

    This capability is possible—even though the option isn’t easy to discover.

    Tap and maintain on an empty a part of the house screen, and a display screen-adjusting mode will pop up. choose widgets, and locate the settings shortcut. drag this icon to an empty space on one of your property screens and drop it in area, and a list will robotically pop up.

    Now choose notification log from the list and tap the icon to open up android’s notification records.

    7. lock telephone borrowers interior one app.

    What happens when you want to lend a chum or young family member your phone, however don’t need them rooting through your private information or posting for your social media money owed? screen pinning lets you be beneficiant without giving up your privacy.

    Pinning one app to the display means that your smartphone will only run that app till someone enters the lock screen code once more. essentially, the user received’t be capable of get entry to any other elements of your cellphone without your code.

    Display pinning is easy to installation. open settings, go to the safety menu, and allow display pinning. after you’ve turned on the feature, launch the app your pal needs to use. then open evaluation through tapping the square navigation button underneath the phone screen. on the window for the maximum recently opened app, you should see a pin icon (it looks like a touch thumbtack) within the lower proper-hand nook. tap the pin button to pin that app to the display screen.That's all.

    If you have any questions, kindly let me know through comment section below. Thanks for reading.
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