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Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Easy Way To Change Blogspot Blog Post URL After Published

Sort URL is one of Search Engine Optimize (SEO) tips. To optimize blogspot blog url,  you have to keywords to the permalink structure of your blog posts.

Best way to practices SEO on blogspot blog is to make each of your blog post URL contain the particular keywords you are targeting. If you published article on blogspot blog, the url will automatically generated via blogger.

E.g If you published post on blogspot, blogger will generates the URL like” for the blog post.

So make sure you make your blog post URL short and rememberable. If you have published your contents on your blogspot blog and you are unable to edit the URL to make it short. In this article, you are going to see how easily you can change your already published blog post URL in Blogger.

Easy way to change blogspot blog URL

If you have not publish your new post, you can easily change your blog post URL without need any steps to take to.


When you are about to create a new post on your blog, make sure you use your main keywords in your blog URL,title and make it short. don't use long url that is more than 5 words.

For example alternate-blogspot-weblog-submit-url and additionally use your key phrases on your blog title.

When editing your your blog post URL, make sure you use hyphens (-) sign to make the URL words separated. Avoid using underscores (_) sign. Why?

Because Google search engine and other seach engines considers it as a single word. Which is not good enough.

So to change your blogspot blog post URL, just click drop down at the left side of the page next to the "Publish" button, you are going to see "Permalink" there, you have to select the radio "custom permalink" then change your post URL and tab on "Publish"

Do you want to change your post date Also?

When ever you published a post on your blog, the date of published will we add e.g 2020/04/ So if you wish to change the year and month of the blog article URL, by click the "schedule" next above to permalinks. Then change it to any year and Month you want. That's all.

Simple Way to change post URL After published

Now that you have many blog post that their URL is above five words and you want to made them short for better SEO, The blog post has been published and edited the post severally but you are unable to edit the URL when you discover that something went wrong with that URL and you wish to change the permalink URL of that published blog post

Like I said earlier, Before you publish a new post you can change blog post URL. Is that not what we discussed earlier. We all know that Blogger doesn’t allow changing permalink of the published post and so there are some bloggers, who copy the content from that post and create a another article with short custom URL after published the article.

I also experienced this, and that is how I used to do before which is wrong way. But today, am going to teach you the easier way of changing already published post URL on blogspot platform.

Before you proceed to chang the permalink of your published blog post, you have to copy the old URL of the blog post and paste it somewhere safe. Because we are going to use it later in that particular blog post.


Step 1:
Copy and paste that blog post url
Step 2:
Click on "Revert post" to draft.
Step 3:
Click button at the left side of the page.
Step 4:
Select permalink and click "custom permalink" and publish the post back. That's all.

Now it is time to use that old URL you copy before you proceed. You might published the post long time ago and the URL may have some ranking in Google search engine and other seach engines also. Likewise have backlinks from some blog/website. 

There's a way to preserve the ranking and one way links of the antique url of the submit.

What we are going to do is to redirect the old url to the new one you convert to.

Redirect old post URL to new URL

Step 1:
Go to settings on your blogspot blog dashboard and click "search preferences".
Step 2:
Tap on "Custom Redirects" from the Errors and Redirection section.
Step 3:
Enter the old URL in the first URL box.
Step 4:
Type the new post URL in the second
URL field and click save. That's all.

Note: Don't paste the full URL you copy in the .field. Just omit the main domain name in the full URL copy. Example: don't paste URL like

Hope this article helped you to easily chang your blogspot post URL? as you got an easy way to change the permalink of published post on GUIDES NG BLOG. 
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Automatically publish post on blogspot blogs

Hey good day guys, today am going to teach you a well understandable way to make your blog post publish automatically when you are not online. is one of the most popular blogging platform in the world. Blogger has lot of features on their platform. 

Unfortunately, most Beginners has no knowledge of thos features. today am going to teach you a properly comprehensible way to make your blog publish put up mechanically while you aren't online. is one of the maximum popular running a blog platform inside the world. blogger has lot of capabilities on their platform.

Functions like: "custom robots.txt", "custom redirect" "custom header tags" and plenty of greater. unluckily, most beginners has no understanding of thos features. due to the fact they're hidden from user. And this extremely good functions, assist in creating a blog unique.

The maximum useful blogspot features is "posts scheduling function" yes, very useful.  youc set your weblog posts on blogspot platform to put up robotically at each time you want.

Blogspot platform is a loose blog website hosting platform.  So publishing content material to our blog regularly  is  amongst search engine optimization suggestions.
Most of us are students, we can't afford to miss lecture or exam. So before the exam times, while going out of station and so on. This will keep the blog update with new contents automatically.

Is not good to leave blog with out a post all through your examination. updating blog with new articles regularly is a key to rank better in google search engine and different seach engines outcomes.

Because search engines like google will be friendly with the websites/blogs that energetic and submit new contents often.

In addition, publishing a blog content at splendid time, this could permit search engine crawlers move slowly your blog perfectly and rank in the first page of search engine and increase SEO.

So to make our blog post update, you have to Set up a Blogger posts, to automatically publish at particular time we target. So make sure you l follow the below steps carefully to make your posts publish automatically any time you want.

Publish Content automatically on blogspot

1. Go to your blogger blog dashboard and Click the orange "New Post" button located on the top left side of the page.

Now write your blog 1post. Once you finished writing the article. 

2. Tap on "Schedule" on the top right side of the page.

3. Click on the "set date" time option. In the two options below.

4. Then select your desire time and dates you would like your blog posts to auto publishing.

5. Now Click on the orange "Publish" button at the top right of the page. And publish the post.

Note: Your post will not publish until the schedule time and date. And when you return to "Posts list" page, all posts that you scheduled to automatically publish will "Schedule" next to them.


If you will not online to update your blog post regularly on blogspot blog, use this steps to make your blogspot blog post update regularly. If you are doing this, Search engines will be friendly with your websites/blogs contents perfectly. this will let search engine crawlers crawl your blog perfectly and make your blog rank in the first page of search engine and increase your blog SEO.

You might want to change the time you scheduled for the post, just edit the post again and click "Edit" underneath the post on the "Posts list" and repeat the Steps one by one.

Automatically publish post on blogspot: Video Tutorial

If you really not understand this write up, kindly watch this video tutorial on how to automatically publish post on blogspot blog. We recommend this video tutorial for you , for more understanding.

 If you don't understand this guide on scheduling blog posts on blogspot, drop your comment. through our comment section below. thanks

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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Publish Content On Blogspot Blog With Opera Mini

Today am going to teach you how to publish a post on blogspot blog with Opera Mini browsers, both Android and Symbian/Java Phone that has Opera mini browser.

 There are many bloggers, that really want this tutorial, due to the fact that a few bloggers don't have android smartphone and they wish to blog.

Or you have created your blog before your phone spoiled and  you want updating your blog regular? 

Don't worry, todays am going to teach you how i used to submit a content to my blogspot blog  using nokia java phone when am now not with my Android phone.

Yes am publishing contents on my blogspot blog using Opera mini browser on Nokia 200, And it works fine. Some mouth ago, I lost my Android phone and I don't have PC also, that is why am using this trick to update my blog regularly.

We all know that platform doesn't currently support publishing contents or get access to blogspot blog dashboard. from Opera mini browsers using 

You'll notice that whenever you try to visit on Java phones it keeps giving error. If you have not got a solution to this, you don't have to be stressing yourself again. Today am going to teach you how to publish contents on Opera Mini browser in this article.

Simple Way To Publish Articles On Blogspot Blog Using Opea Mini

Visit And started writing your article and get your contents published Successfully without any error.
Note: Your contents might not publish well like you want, because you can't add image to your blog post using this trick. But don't worry am going to teach you how to add image to your blog post using this trick.

Using, you are not allow uploading images or inserting Links directly on your blog post. These are the two aspects am going to teach you also in this article I know you are facing challenges while trying to add images or links, when using What you are going to do now is to follow the Simple procedures am going to teach you;

1. Login to your Gmail account

Visit and login your Google account. Then if successful, open new page.

2. Login to

Open and login to and start writing your blog contents.

3. Insert Link to your Blog Post

Insert a link to your blog post using this code below. <a href="">Guidesng

Note: That, you have to remove * and change the link I used to link you would like to link to. It might be a link to a post in your blog, And the anchor text I used " Media'' and Change it to yours.

4. Inserting Images to your Blog Post

Note: You can't add image to your blog post using your mobile uploader, it can't upload. If you are using this trick.

To add image to your blog post Using this trick.

  • Upload your image on filehosts or any Free uploader online
  • Now copy the image from the uploader site. For example, image link >> http://media.jpg
  • Now use this HTML image tag to display the image <img src=" http://media.jpg">

  • Now replace "media.jpg" in the above code with your picture link.  (The hyperlink of the image you copied from uploader web site) and you are done. 

    5. Publish the contents on your blog

    After follow all the steps you read in this article, Now Click "publish post" that's all. I hope you are all understand this tutorial well? If you Don't, please feel free to drop your comment, and am going to teach you better. Having difficulties with any of the above steps? Let me know.
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    Monday, January 31, 2022

    Blogger Related Posts Widget: The Definitive Guide (2022)

    Blogspot Related Post Widget:

    Blogger is a notable platform for amateur bloggers. which you may effortlessly create blogspot site in just a minute.

    Currently, one of the most asked questions in blogger is: how to add related posts widget on blogspot blog. This related posts widget will be very beneficial to reveal distinctive related posts on your readers and keep them analyzing your blog extra.

    In this article, i will teach you how to show related posts on your blogspot blog. I've got advanced a related posts widget for blogger blogs this is very clean to install and setup. 

    Before i teach you how to install this awesome related posts widget for blogger, allow me apprehend you some of it’s key functions.

    The Functions Of Blogger Related Posts Widget

    • It's very easy to install on any blogger blogs.
    • This blogger related posts widget will effortlessly adapt to the design of your blog. Even if you are the using latest theme or older

    • Is far responsive. the related posts will routinely adapt to the display screen size of the readers phone.
    • This will make your blog bounce rate reduce.
    •  Very easy to install this related posts widget on your blog

    • Go to blogger dashboard and click "Theme", then Open your template code and find a code like below:

    <b:include data='post' name='post'/>

    Now copy and paste this code with the below code:

    <!-- Guides NG Related Posts Widget START --> <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'> <b:if cond='data:post.labels'> <b:loop values='data:post.labels' var='label'> <span class='_140414_related_label' expr:post_id='' expr:url='data:label.url' style='display:none'><></span> </b:loop> </b:if> <div class='_140414_related_posts' expr:post_id=''> </div> </b:if> <!-- Guides NG Related Posts Widget END -->

    Finally, click Save Template to make the code save in to your blogger blog, you can configure the below widget and add it to your blogspot blog.

    Add Related Posts Widget Now

    Immediately you click "Add Widget" the code will automatically install and display. now, move in advance to view one of your blog posts. you should see the related posts underneath it. Note: Make sure you add label to your blog post. Because if you don't add a label (categories) to a put up, you might not see the related posts under it.

    You can alter the css regulations if you need to customise the appearance and experience. If you have any questions please feel free to drop your comment. 

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